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Covering All of the Bases

Complete Web Marketing Package - $600 - $800/mo (depending on your company's needs)

  • Website creation, design & maintenance, SEO (domain and site hosting costs additional & separate)

  • Mobile Website

  • Logo Design

  • Web Graphic & Print Designs (Up to 4 per month)

  • Monthly Newsletter (1 per month)

  • Social media maintenance (2 posts per week per account - choose 2 from Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Pinterest or other)

  • Web & Print Ad Campaigns ( up to 2 per month - publication rates additional)

  • Branding (making sure your Brand message is consistent throughout)

  • Monthly Marketing Schedule (using Google Cal)

Website Makeover

Redesign or Creation of Website - approx. $400

  • Up to 4 pages: Home, About, Menu/Album, Contact (domain and site hosting costs additional & separate)

  • Additional pages = approx. $80 ea. (based on content/time)

  • Mobile Website

  • SEO

  • Basic maintenance (1 small change per month - additional maintenance at $45/hr or agreed upon price per project)

  • Logo design additional $60

Keeping the Customers Informed 

Monthly Newsletter & Social Media - approx. $180/mo

  • Set up account on Newsletter & Database Site (like Constant Contact, Benchmark or MailChimp - Account fees additional & separate)

  • Upload current mailing list into system

  • Create & Send 1 monthly Newsletter 

  • Create and/or maintain up to 2 Social Media accounts (2 posts per week per account - choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or other)

  • Create up to 4 web graphics for Newsletter & social media posts per month

Just Needing Creative Graphics, Thanks

Design & Creation of Web Graphics - starting at $60 - $100

  • Pricing based on content, time frame & quantity

  • For your website, social media, web or print ads, flyers, etc. 

  • Final graphic provided to you as a .png, .jpeg, and/or .pdf

Something Like Any and All of That... Help?

If you're just not sure and need to discuss options & budget

Send us an email! Let us help you figure out the best course of action for you to improve your web presence based on your unique situation and budget. You can do this! We can help!

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