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I’m so glad that you are here and that you have decided to work with me on this project.


Your online presence is super important to the success of your business, and it is my mission to make sure you are being represented in a professional way that speaks to your unique audience.


Below you will find instructions on how to give me access to your existing Wix site for a  redesign.


Under that, please fill out the Domain and Brand Info forms, if you'd like for me to complete domain connection or  have existing brand guidelines.  

If I haven't already, I'll email you a link to our Google Drive folder for storing and sharing all related project materials, notes and timelines - expect that within the next few days!

I can’t wait to get started! LET’S DO THIS!



Download and print instructions

  1. Open your Wix Dashboard (sign into

  2. Go to MY SITES in the upper left corner.

  3. Hover over your site and click on “Quick Actions.”

  4. Select TRANSFER SITE *

  5. Enter as the new “site owner.”

    1. DO NOT transfer Premium plan if you have already purchased one.

    2. DO NOT transfer domain ownership if it’s connected to the existing site design. If you have not purchased your domain yet, I can do that while it’s in my account and transfer ownership of the domain along with the site once completed, or assist you with connection after the site design has been transferred back to you.

    3. Keep yourself as a contributor & keep a copy of the existing site design in your account for now! You could also make a copy of the site first and transfer the copy to me instead, if you wish.


*So, why do you need to transfer the site to me instead of adding me as a contributor? I practice this policy to ensure an equal responsibility partnership between us (so you don’t run off with the final design without final payment!). If you wish to add me as a contributor and keep the site within your account during the process, we can do that – but I’ll need to collect 100% of the project payment in advance to work being completed.


Domain and Brand info

Do you currently have a logo you wish to use?

If "YES," please upload the file here:

Upload Logo Image

If you have a "Brand Board" or style inspiration sheet you'd like to use for the design creation, please upload it here:

Upload Brand Guidelines

Is you domain hosted by Wix?

Once the site design is completed and final payment has been made, I'll transfer the site back to your account and connect your domain. There may be other options that need to be set up (such as receiving payments through the site) that will need to be set up at that time as well. If your domain in purchased outside of Wix, I will need temporary access to your hosting platform in order to connect the domain to your site. 

Please provide me with the login information for your domain host: 

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